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Ningbo rongxin century financial services company is a specialized form of Ningbo private lending companies, the company is mainly engaged in formal civil personal unsecured loans, Ningbo, Ningbo credit, informal credit in Ningbo, Ningbo secured loans, private loans, Ningbo, Ningbo civil loan company re-employment, Ningbo in Ningbo, Ningbo small small secured loan secured loans loan company. Companies involved in research on Chinese private capital, is committed to providing reasonable flow of private capital and value added service platforms, and strive to provide solution to the financing difficulties of SMEs and individuals, the company relies on private lending services and third party research and accurate grasp of the wealth management, to create the folk capital information service platform, to provide customers with secure, efficient and fast investment and financing services. "Of cocoon into Butterfly end broken, ten years a sword cast brand", company in 10 years of development practice in the, deep grasp times pulse, blend modern commercial features, put currently profit highest, and growth most fast, and operation cost minimum, mutual for associated of industry organic combined up, first has financial intermediary operation mode, creative to will civil borrowing service, and third party wealth management, and Bank outsourcing service, and industries investment, and again authorized business five who thaw for one, proposed has five bit one of overall output chain joined mode! Single broke the traditional lending business situation, a new era of Chinese chain! Private capital needs to access rongxin century came into being! In January 2012, rongxin centuries for the national investment, marking the company's entry into a new period of development, as of now, system to join the brand has covered seven regions, Central, West, Northeast, Southwest, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai-rim region. Tempered with headquarters into gold brand, efficient operating system support, thoughtful care, rongxin century joined bodies across the country quickly became the leading brand industry in the area. Rongxin century (China) headquarters have strong financial strength, nationwide marketing network and professional management team and efficient operating system, enjoyed a high reputation in the industry and the community.


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