Borrowing relationship of common sense

1. the limitation. Note: borrowing no prescribe a period for repayment, the creditor may at any time raise a repayment claim, without the limitation of two years the Statute of limitations, two years after repayment claims but did not continue to advocate, as exceeded the Statute of limitations, the law does not support.

2. the plaintiffs assert a claim must provide a written receipt; no written IOU or cannot be provided, should provide the necessary factual basis or without witness testimony of two or more of such interest, to support their claims. IOU or promissory note in the hands of the debtor will be presumed to have paid off the debt.

3. private lending interest rates can be higher than the bank interest rate, but shall not exceed a maximum interest rate of 4 times (including interest rates), but must be expressly agreed upon, of no interest, as interest-free loans. Conventions beyond bank interest rate 4 times in the same period, the excess interest is not protected by law. Lenders may not seek Cory interest into principal, hearing borrowers interest into principal found in compound interest and return of principal.

4. the lenders knowingly to borrow for illegal activities, a typical example is a gambling debt, the loan will not be protected. For both illegal lending activities, in accordance with the relevant laws and sanctions.

5. the perpetrator on behalf of borrower ious issued by borrowing on their behalf, the borrower does not recognize, the perpetrator could not prove, by the perpetrator bears civil liability. If borrowing for couples to live together and are reimbursed by the spouses together.

6. during the partnership, personal borrowing on behalf of the partnership, for partnership, reimbursed by the partners; borrowers do not prove the loan used for the operation of the partnership, by the borrowers.

7. loan mortgage real, to relevant departments for registration, against a third party.

8. debt instruments, such as for enforceable notarization, without a court hearing, apply directly to the Court for enforcement.

9. the repayment claim by a guarantor must be within 6 months after the expiry, expire the sponsor generally does not assume liability.

10. to extend the Statute of limitations can be used post "express mail" constantly sent letter, receipt must clearly indicate whether it sent the contents of the message, such as "letter of the repayment of 10,000 yuan," "letter of requirements of guarantor liability".

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