Borrowing some of the problems facing adjustment

Private finance faced a number of problems to solve, there are a lot of problems in the development, also face challenges. Private finance on the one hand is the access policy limits, limits the scale of private financial institutions to expand, build inclusive financial system, establishment of a multi-level, a sustainable financial system, which is the core issue.
system innovation of private finance needs, prevent financial risk and strengthen financial services relationship, treat credit must have a scientific understanding. Need to promote innovation in institutions and mechanisms, improving internal governance mechanism and prevention of financial risks, need to strengthen existing financial services, and to expand service coverage, but also to solve mortgage problems, actively explore innovative collateral.
must be developed to encourage private capital, attracting more private capital into new types of financial institutions, strengthening the supervision of risk prevention, and actively introduced the innovation of rural financial products and services. Private finance to explore multiple levels of monitoring, risk control solution in the region.
gap highlights development, there are also contradictions between supply and demand, private lending is very popular, private lending has more room to manoeuvre. Private lending to establish a competitive mechanism, Government-led financial system need to be established.
solve problems such as insufficient financial supply, competition, private finance needed to develop a stable, well-functioning, private finance played an important role. Private lending for the formation of a competitive market, to providing financial services in rural areas, attracting private funds into the legitimate channels is very important. BACK
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