Borrowing to reduce risk

complementary mechanisms for establishment of a microfinance company, relaxing the restrictions of a microfinance company, strengthen the supervision of microfinance companies management, risk control and guide.
private lending with the development of market economy, especially in the SME financing problem, private lending activities more and more active, and its influence has expanded, so has caused much dispute. Given our current lending legislation is imperfect, present more challenges.
private lending is an ancient and universal phenomenon, as social credit situation is regular financial supplement has a rational and positive role, private lending is playing an increasingly important role. Private lending in recent years more, do more.
lending along with China's rapid economic development, lack of government borrowing lack of supervision mechanism, has a lot of adjustments in the private lending, private lending is a direct, flexible financing, as a spontaneous financing, which for financial reasons. Understand private lending-related situations, good folk debit and credit monitoring, further development of credit policy.

residents of private lending to widen investment channels, plays an active role in the bridge the rural capital supply and demand gap, but there are negative issues, increasing social instability factors. Private lending for SMEs, individuals with strong financial support, promote local economic development, relying on technology, industrialization, scale, characterized the market adjustment of financial structure.

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