New development of private lending risk management

1, to implement the new article 36 for private capital to open up a way out

new article 36 of the Central Publishing encourages private capital into important areas of national economy, including air, rail, and so on, are allowed to enter the financial sector. But if banks financial institutions, such as rural banks, more cautious. If no deposit-taking microfinance companies, and other financial organizations, or support, but gradually in the specification. To implement the new article 36, to private capital as the main channel of more investment and operation of these enterprises, needs to accelerate reform of the financial system and provide more services for SME investment and financing institutions.

2, private lending risk management is standardized

management of lending risks, should achieve the following 5 main aspects, namely market sunshine, trade standardization, of rule of law, market-oriented interest rates, the main body of the behavior. Such as micro-credit company to continue development and transformed rural banks to lower the threshold of; Internet lending platform, set up private lending registration service center to regulate the private lending market.

3, and technology innovation support: information platform and IT technology support

innovation of intermediary service platform and the modern of information technology, for civil borrowing risk control provides has support, as civil borrowing registration management system, and network borrowing platform, and small loan management system, and third party paid settlement institutions, and levy letter management system, and credit evaluation and management system, and monitoring track system, and risk control and crisis warning system,.

4, and place Pathfinder civil borrowing standardized (Wenzhou, and Ordos, and Guangzhou)

according to official data, Guangzhou civil financial Street within currently total stationed in has 32 home company, which small loan company 11 home, and guarantees company 3 home, and pawn line 4 home, and Bank 4 Home (to small bank mainly); securities company, and Futures company the 2 home, also also has third party paid platform, and investment company, other new financial industry State. If monitoring data representative of the Wenzhou private capital "Wenzhou prices", then monitoring data on private finance service centre in Guangzhou, then we hope that formed in Guangzhou private lending "Canton price" and then radiation Pearl River Delta.

5, to strengthen legal propaganda, guide specification for private lending

first, to strengthen the civil legal and financial risk of lending to disseminate knowledge, increasing public awareness of the law, establish a sense of financial risk. Secondly, private borrowing party to use a written contract, in accordance with the provisions of contract law clear and sound contract, effective prevention of legal risks, and reduce the incidence of disputes. Third, strengthen the education of typical cases, using illegal pooling of public deposits and the typical cases of illegal fund-raising activities to strengthen publicity and education and research. Finally, the Guide to enterprise legal risk management standards, regulating internal risk control procedures and measures.

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