Private lending ease difficulties in production and life

Private financing as one of direct financing, solve the financial difficulties in production and daily life. Subsequent replenishment from the rapid development of business, microfinance company more convenient and flexible, in order to increase development funds, promote healthy development of microfinance companies. Operating norms, good micro-credit companies relaxed financing.
reduce the cost of microfinance companies, nurture their development, enabling development of a microfinance company, internal risk controls need to be strengthened, strong microfinance company construction of internal risk control, effectively preventing bad loan risks, improve internal risk system, strict control of operational processes, improving defense capabilities.
positive-guided micro-loan company better support for agriculture, small business development, policy incentives, guiding role into full play, promote reasonable loan rates keep borrowing initiative. Regulatory standards also need to be improved, a microfinance company business risk mitigation is weak. Also need to actively explore effective supervision, supervision should be increased gradually, so as to address the regulatory challenges of microfinance companies.
between the financing of many SMEs, mainly through family and friends loan mortgage, pawn, small loan companies, banks and other means, these financing methods each have their respective characteristics, lack of private lending is convenient, simple, in the channel of financing was Bank lending is the most cost-effective, but also the most difficult one. BACK
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