Private lending five traps

Private lending has four advantages at the same time, disputes abound also fully exposed some of the lending to guard against fraud. At this point, when voted into the private lending five traps, and to prevent more people from becoming victims.
is wrong the borrower's name. Cast melting observed in past disputes, the lender's name replaced with the similar word, does not admit type events account for a large proportion.
second promissory note receipt. When writing ious on both sides, liar deliberately borrowed content writing "collections: received ***5 million......" when to the repayment date, the borrower will claim that the payments were in return lenders received their arrears, promissory note has been lost before, lenders in my throat.
on the third, the lenders ious out of thin air "additional" amount. Some rogue lenders lending, deliberately left gaps in the IOU and write the amount, after being signed by the borrower's IOU recovery, and added the amount to cheat up to several or even dozens of times times the amount.
four are language arts, relying on ambiguous dispute. "Today take a 10,000-yuan", or "today to borrow 10,000 yuan from Li Zhang", language logic vulnerabilities exist such sentences appear on the ious, the common tricks and fraud.
five is to allow third parties to write ious, after refusing to admit. Crooks posing as borrowers to borrow from others an excuse to leave and sign on your behalf by third parties, please complete the IOU, afterwards, at a time when lenders demanding, liar openly claimed that they did not borrow from each other, and said that the signature is not written, many residents had to swallow to lend but bitter fruit.

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