Private lending has a broad social base

Private finance is the product of the imbalance between supply and demand in the financial markets, stimulate lending a new round of rapid growth, need to face squarely the borrowing the social basis for development, analyze the pros and cons, and seeking development strategies, promoting the construction of faster and better. Private finance for their careful analysis, study, explore effective and normative development and fully play a positive role in society.
private lending has wide, deep economic development, investment and financing channels are relatively narrow, objective lending played a covering role, led to the rapid development of private lending. Private finance rapid development inspired private lending. Private finance to some extent, triggered the rapid development of private lending.
scale gradually expanded, as China's economic marketization degree increase private lending procedure is simple, but not complete, the form presents a variety of borrowing, nongovernmental finance operation is reasonable, but mixed. Private finance also contributed to the emergence of the financial market-oriented interest rate will certainly promote capital pricing mechanism reform, farmers economic initiative.
private finance to avoid blindness, would jeopardize the financial security, private finance to grasp, private finance has distinctive features also require institutional innovations. Private finance will open up a new path of development, promote dual changes in the credit markets.
micro-credit is a new way of financing research, formal innovation, so it has some flaws, the private finance should improve loan management system, establish a good cardio-pulmonary risk spreading mechanisms. BACK
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