Private lending interpretation doubts

private lending as an important complement to financial institutions, gradually into people. But due to the lack of effective supervision, operation lacks norms, there has always been a high risk, increasing disputes which may arise. In this regard, on October 31, the municipal intermediate people's Court, Shizhong district people's court official trip to Leshan news network crabapple community living room, for the users details private lending to help users correct and comprehensive understanding of borrowing, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

"lending legitimacy", "how to recognize private lending companies are regular" ... ... Activities started, netizens will actively ask questions. "Our 90th of the General principles of the Civil Code expressly, legitimate loan relationships are protected by law. The Contracts Act also provides private lending contracts made, private lending between the citizens and the citizens, between citizens and legal persons, other organizations borrow. "In the face of netizens ' questions, visit guests, careful explanation," to recognize microfinance companies are regular, you need to review the company's registration information, banks are subject to qualification of its lending business, and so on. "At the same time, guest participant reminded the majority of users, private lending and borrowing was markedly different for financial institutions, the judges found in practice, because of the contract agreement is not clear, the lender on the borrower's credit, economic strength, ability to perform do not understand the situation has led to significant increase in loan dispute. Judge reminded the majority of users: "private lending risk, loans need to be cautious."

private lending disputes, how to safeguard their lawful rights and interests of the hot issue is of interest to users. In this regard, the guest participant explained: "at the time of borrowing, first determine whether the borrowing is lending legitimacy, if it is a legitimate loan, to court for prosecutions in accordance with law; if not the legitimacy of borrowing, such as suspected illicit funds, fraud and other criminal acts, need to be reported to the public security organs in a timely manner. "While, guest guest also on how prevention civil borrowing disputes for users are support has several enrollment: a to note funds legitimacy; II is occurred civil borrowing Shi, should will evidence and procedures perfect, for example playing IOU, and provides guarantees, form, to Yu occurred risk Shi timely collection and litigation; three is interest rate of agreed cannot over people's Bank of China earlier loan interest rate of 4 times times, or legal not to protection.

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