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Since the reform of the economic system, China's financial system reform deepening, regardless of which remission of funds have undergone profound changes in order to deepen financial reform and higher, real and effective reform fail to come, financial reform is relatively slow.
now to promote civil capital return entity economic, give information balance, and transparent, and symmetric, reduced usury soil, civil borrowing into baby eh promoted of new vision, civil borrowing also to note protection borrowing both privacy, civil borrowing reform promote more than two more dilemma of problem get solution, reconstruction civil credit system, heavy picked up civil capital confidence, promote civil capital of return, strengthening on small micro-enterprise financing of support efforts.
lending to avoid collapse, private lending to improve the environment without delay, to strengthening the construction of social credit, strengthening market supervision and management, and improving the credit environment, private lending has caused wide concern.
the development of civil society conducive to financial innovation in the financial markets and avoid a lot of competitive pressure, but also helps to optimize services, a variety of financial innovation, opening up the development of civil core content of financial markets is undoubtedly the most, simply make a right, duty, private lending will play a unique role.
folk is the stability of the financial order in the financial markets, private finance has played a significant role in development of private finance to the standardization, the Sun, or harmful to social stability. Note also that the supply of informal financial convenience, flexibility, and the development of civil market, promoting rural economic development. Developing non-governmental finance, convenient and flexible lending practices have a great role to promote consumer BACK
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