Private lending to protect their interests attention to four points

  lenders want to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of lending relationships, should pay attention to 4 points.

first, the rules first. To allow the borrower write ious, or ious, State borrowers, lenders and the borrowed amount and period of repayment in arrears. If there is interest agreement, shall indicate agreement, and signed by himself and dated. Law expressly provided for interest, not usury.

Secondly, secured borrowing. In order to ensure that the loan could recover, shall allow borrowers to provide their name in the real estate guarantees and collateral formalities. If there is no security, should provide a steady income of guarantor.

once again, borrowing has credentials. Loan best in the form of remittances. When lending money, there should be no relation of more than two people present when witnesses.

Finally, the loan term. Within the agreed terms, if the parties fail to resolve, timely access to the courts.  Protection of their lawful rights and interests, not because the Statute of limitations has expired and cannot be protected.

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