To private lending to find more export

Private capital has become a major force in promoting economic development, how to further widen the channel of private capital investment and attract investment in the real economy, is a pressing need to address the issues. With China's rapid economic development, coupled with the accumulation of social wealth, increased private capital became an important force in promoting economic development.
but we can see from the folk debit and credit turmoil, civil is not smooth investment channels, private capital management is also a lot of uncertainty. For the higher private capital is attractive, in the overall host grant equal competitive environment, this is a long-term task.
lending to speed up the new organization, allow access to more areas of urgent need, to continue to develop and grow, access to private finance to break the monopoly is to relax and encourage private capital to enter the monopoly industries and stimulate the activity of private capital.
from the macro perspective, the civil supply covert funds flow, funds form, quantity and directions are difficult to master and control, brought uncertainty to government regulation, this uncertainty will slowly expand, enlarge. Private finance and capital flows between the formal financial time, quantity is not determined, private capital management requiring further, to achieve the desired effect.
folk is to deepen financial system reform of financial markets is important piece, private finance and growth is not just their own maturation process, is still State-owned financial system market bracket, through the development of private finance, reduce the proportion of State-owned financial, so as to lay a good foundation for the financial system. BACK
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