"Wenzhou index" as private financing price barometer

Wenzhou from the second half of financial reform, there are many "country first" model has been copied in other parts of the country and promotion had a spillover effect.
compared to other regional financial reform, financial reform's top priority and maximum characteristics of Wenzhou is a "people", that private financing of standardization and the Sun. Last November, the Zhejiang Provincial people's Congress adopted the first local financial laws, it is also the first specification of private financing regulations the Wenzhou private finance and Administration Ordinance, the first large private lending for the record, as of the end of October 7.6 billion lending record.
Wenzhou private lending services centre initiative, according to the statistics of the Central Bank's Research Bureau, as of June this year there were 15 provinces of 77 civil loan service center. Private capital management company, too, in Wenzhou took the lead after the pilot has been rolled out in 11 counties in Zhejiang Province in Shandong province is promoting, 531 have been established at the end of August.
in addition, the "Wenzhou index" as private financing price barometer, daily updates, and through Thomson Reuters released to the world. Financial Arbitration Court, the financial crime investigation unit, the financial Court was set up. BACK
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