Without security, the villagers easy loans

For a long time, due to the lack of effective collateral and can't find sureties, although farmers have land, rural housing, but still facing loan. Some farmers had to turn to private lending market. But higher interest rates, restricting their development. Jinhua, according to local estimates, one or two quarters of this year, the city's private lending interest rate up to 25.24%, twice higher than the interest rates on bank loans.
How to break this vicious circle? Jinhua first explored the rural credit system, and in February this year, the first financial credit model.
This is a very suitable for rural acquaintance circle model of financial credit, according to the "self-security, self-discipline, self-help, self-help borrowing consideration" principle, by the village Committee, agriculture liaison officer teams zibaogongyi, farmer representatives, assist rural credit cooperatives to carry out self credit for credit appraisal and management. By the zibaogongyi group and accepted by both villagers of rural credit cooperatives, financial self-help group accounts to pay credit 5% to 10% credit payment, you can obtain credit credit loans, you can also enjoy preferential interest rates. So far, Jinhua radiating surface to further expand rural credit finance service, basic credit total of 136,600 customers, up 7.6% from the beginning. BACK
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