Zhejiang Ningbo private lending survey

Da Yu with "ease" the road flood stories, are descendants from generation to generation. On financial markets today, money is called "liquidity", "water", "dry water" economic loss lubrication and nourishment, "water is both" normal operation will disrupt the real economy.

this year, under the continued tightening of monetary policy, financial markets on the "water" showed a shrinking trend, but private financing of "water" is surging tides. Private lending "water" leading into the real economy, is made up of credit "water," less than good. Reporters in the private economy developed survey found Ningbo, Zhejiang, private lending has become the small and medium enterprises and people, effective financing of additional outside the formal financial channels.

the key here is how to regulate, divert civil finance, let the sunlight to survive. For financial regulators, need to clear private lending as soon as possible "the rules", including the private finance and illegal fund-raising limits, finance real confirmation of higher interest rates on both sides of the judicial borders, strengthen the regulation and monitoring of private financing.

How to treat private financing this "water"? Reference the practice of Ningbo, a brief summary of: "open", and "plug" for the next.

private financing

and more for industrial operation

Ningbo private financing funds were small-business owners to operate industrial, rather than around the property, resources, capital market speculation.

"residual value consulting, real estate mortgage loan advice, and easy financing", "Hock, complete the procedures lenders of the day", "professional mortgage advice, cars can drive in and out fast, low interest rates, door-to-door," "credit loans, loans for residential Office shops full consultation" ... ...

active in the private economy in Ningbo, cash flow, financing is quite common. Remove outside financing operations of banking institutions flourish, Ningbo, flipping through a copy of the local newspaper, above a wide range of financing ads around. Or even, in the corner, Office, also can occasionally glimpse "a certain speed the loan advisory" and "fast loan consultation" and other finance-related posters or poster.

"we have real estate, factory mortgage, monthly for a five, you can then ask, compared to other finance companies, our interest rates low. "In the so-called" small and medium enterprises and personal financing service "Super bang Ningbo branch of a chat room, a person in the Business Department has always been the reporter said of the unannounced visits.

noted that journalists want to go through the downtown area of Ningbo when a real estate mortgage, the person is very enthusiastic. He said by them to housing price appraisal after the formalities, financing can be arranged within one week both sides signed, notarized and financing period up to 6 months, a monthly five, then if you want to delay, or one month in advance consultations.

"there is no usury? I'm sure there are. Where does their money come from? Own, borrow from banks, is also raising money? These were too. Not exposed to, not out of their own cases, regulation is hard to find. "Ningbo local says one person engaged in the banking business for more than 10 years.

for the popularity of private financing in Ningbo, Ningbo, Beijing law group lawyer Xu Huiwen told reporters that economy is more developed, people are hardworking, active mind and a good investment, generally ordinary people will not put spare cash, "stock market or real estate, or companies set up factories, eat less interest in the Bank."

"we had interest period after the issue is settled, funds can be available in a few days. And the procedure is simple, borrowing loan agreement signed by the parties, or the borrower IOU issued by, if it is a loan from the Bank, not only to review the borrower's qualification, ability to pay, there are no bad record, you also need to find a surety guarantee, real estate mortgage series procedures, and approval, at least one or two months more than four or five months, and may not be approved. High interest rates, is the main cause of lenders willing to lend money. Borrowers need, also makes informal credit in Ningbo and Zhejiang Province are more active. "Xu Hui said.

However, the same as "grassroots economy", with the core economic regions of Zhejiang, Ningbo and Wenzhou private financing private financing have significantly different. Ningbo during the interview, reporter consolidated several small business owners, regulators, bankers, lawyers, found that using a Word to summarize the biggest difference between the two is: Ningbo private financing funds were small-business owners to operate industrial, rather than around the property, resources, capital market speculation.

austerity stimulus financing rise

to solve financing difficulties, in addition to outside financing from commercial banks and other financial institutions, SMEs have to look for more fast, simple procedures of private funds, even willing to endure rising lending rates.

this seemingly ordinary folk financing during this year under a variety of macro and micro factors, rising again.

cut new lending, higher frequency of monetary tools to tighten superposition, CPI continues to rise and other factors, as the funding pressure on vulnerable small and medium enterprises and private economy of Zhejiang is the first. In order to obtain more financing, in addition to outside financing from commercial banks and other financial institutions, SMEs have to look for more fast, simple procedures of private funding, even willing to withstand rising interest rate.

in fact, this year, strong demand for funds, bank credit supply slowed and raised benchmark interest rates are the main reason pushing up interest rates. Financial institutions in respect of loan pricing initiative to enhance capital availability more advanced levels. A senior Bank of Ningbo said so far this year, even negotiating ability strong large enterprises the proportion of loan interest rates rise, also a record high.

in an environment of slowing credit growth of financial institutions, many SMEs have turned to private financing to promote private financing interest rate raise, mainly short-term financing lending rate increases significantly.

according to reporter about, generally broken down by object of financing, private financing can generally be divided into friends and relatives, microcredit company, mortgage, security company, as well as "credit associations" or underground.

a senior at a local bank said that, in General, average monthly in a microfinance company is divided into five or so, farmers among relatives and friends of the monthly in two from top to bottom, and pawn shops, guarantees the company's relatively high interest rates, generally more than two minutes. "According to our understanding, now used for private financing of production and operation rates, generally SMEs can take. "This person said.

"some guarantee bridge loans starting at, say, 7 days interest of 30,000 yuan, if set count rate, it is very high. Some anxious waiting to advance project or transition now takes less than 10 million Yuan, and enterprises ' died '. Take you 10 million a week interest 1 million Yuan, is tightening its collection of 2 million Yuan, you borrow or not to borrow? Without enterprise immediately close down! you said high interest rates and borrow money interest rates a few days the annualised interest rate that high. "

the banking industry veteran said," but this is short term, days, the enterprise bite borrowed, term over 1 month, no, when financing rates when more than corporate profit margins, companies will have to borrow the money to do? Enterprises will be white for others ' work '? "

the person said, as" usury ", showing a monthly 10%, or even 60% this abnormal rate, mainly confined to the individual" credit associations "or provided by underground loan shark organizations such as gambling, spending and other irregular use of funds.

Ningbo developed private financing. Ningbo city, according to Bureau of statistics data shows that per capita interest income compared with the same period of 2009 2010 Ningbo 48.1%. Bankers say, this is one of the most important reasons is the private financing activity, and interest rates keep rising, residents interest income to achieve rapid growth.

business failures are not all private financing "to blame"

the collapse of some businesses, the real reason is because of poor management and blind expansion, and cannot be attributed to excessive proportion of private financing. Blind expansion of some enterprises, "three high and one low" industry, the need to eliminate backward production capacity of industry itself should not be given more financial support.

active private economy, Zhejiang, small and medium enterprises is the main private financing. After media coverage of Zhejiang Jiangnan leather, Portman restaurant chain two of the heads of small and medium enterprises disappearance, collapse of the three flags group, highlighting the financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang, as well as the issues raised by private financing.

but as time goes by, the truth ever surfaced, showing its true contours: disappearance of Heads of enterprises of the two, one is because the business owner gambling lead to debt and flight, and another is the long-term accumulation of the management of outbreaks, and that failing companies is because of excessive diversification and expansion, since 2008 and its problems were exposed.

for market some on "Jiangsu and Zhejiang SMEs suffered to than 2008 more hard of survival environment" of claims, people Bank Ningbo Downtown branch one people think, SMEs financing difficult is forever of topic, but if put this year and 2008 for compared words, 2008 financial crisis background Xia, SMEs faced of main is orders problem, and this year SMEs main faced power, and labor cost, and raw materials price rose, problem.

"2008 financial crisis Hou, national introduced 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus plans, which has funds is specifically into Yu SMEs of, and this year main is loan structure adjustment range is big, zhiqian into SMEs of funds still in, also, reduced of part main is real estate loan, and government financing platform loan, and and personal housing mortgage loan,, this which also has most into has SMEs. "This person said.

the person believes that SMEs need to differentiate for lack of funds, first of all, in the development of small and medium enterprises, has its own life cycle, in addition to some blindly expand production enterprises, "three high and one low" industry, the need to eliminate backward production capacity of industry itself should not be given more financial support.

of course, with the rise of private financing, financial disputes also increase. Xu Huiwen lawyers told reporters that so far this year, it received every 5 cases, 1 private financing. "Financing is basically 500,000 yuan to 2 million Yuan, a natural person, natural persons and enterprises, between enterprises are more. "Xu Hui said.

in Xu Hui Wen encountered a number of cases, there is such a case: due to the special small business operations, resulting in a district a small enterprise financing or on behalf of the enterprise, or business owners personal name. However, as all of a sudden that small business owners die from a sudden illness, which led to several financial liquidity problems. Due to borrowing on behalf of the company, or individual financing exist in different, leaving lenders in the process of applying for reimbursement, implementation of the applicable law and can make a big difference.

"private financing dispute appeared one of the biggest problems is the question of implementation, including whether borrowers have assets available to the implementation, execution, and so on. I ran into a case, the borrower only a homestead homes up for auction, but in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, only the same village who are eligible to buy. "Xu Hui said.

crackdown on illegal "credit associations"

"' day ' which is a small minority, not mainstream. "While there are some risks, regional financial ecological environment in Ningbo, but generally good.

referring to private financing, ninghai, Ningbo locals for the hustle and bustle of "day", "month", still haunt.

ninghai, who had had contact with "month" said districts and larger differences in Ningbo, ninghai, which prevailed when private financing from the local "credit associations" has hundreds of years of history, appeared as early as the Ming dynasty. "This is a civil assistance property financing, ' month ', ' days ' are ' credit associations ' different kinds. "

" it would "also known as the mutual cooperation, the sponsor can invite several members participate in regular. Ninghai "bidding clubs:" there has been, it was "months", that is bidding on a monthly basis, then cycle was shortened as the "half moon," "10th" and even "day by day".

"the ' month ', I can put the one-time money in, or a monthly injection, and then can receive interest every month, 4, 5 years, tens of thousands of Yuan might roll into about 100,000. ' Day by day ' is very easy to understand, from a monthly to a daily, daily opening, daily interest. "This person said.

"it would" sponsor generally called "head", the ordinary members for "foot". "Heads" are usually performed by a village man of certain prestige and economic strength, and can also be several "credit associations" head, experiencing financial strain can also be in different "credit associations" between the transfer of funds. "Head" can choose interest-free use of all members on the first day, can also choose to extract a day interest on a certain percentage.

a "day" 30 day cycle, there are 30 participants, 1000 Yuan per person per day, for example, there are 30,000 yuan per day. Bid 30 people, who have higher interest rates, who used the same day. Highest 10 yuan per person for the interest, he can use the 30,000 yuan a day, and pay a total of 290 Yuan interest rate. Bidding procedures every day, who has won the bid, in a period no longer tender. In this process, the interest would have been pushed up. Reportedly, the "daily" monthly interest will generally be between 5% and 10%, high 15%.

it is understood that there is even more outrageous is that enrollees after in may, took the money and went to another "day by day" in order to charge more interest. This "will" and "would" connect once the chain breaks, it will affect many "to be", a lot of people, like dominoes falling.

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