Handling process

private loan process, private loan interest rates under the current loan interest rate, loan from six months to one year (inclusive), the annual interest rate is: 6.56%

lending interest rate cannot be more than the Bank loan rates 4 times over the same period, which must not exceed: 6.56%X4=26.24%

private loan advantage

procedure is simple: private financing generally need only visit real estate certificates and capacity to repay and sign a contract.

cooperative type of low interest rates to borrow

this form is common in civil "help the poor", mostly urban and rural residents, with its own idle funds between individual private entrepreneurs free or paid to lend to each other. Know each other, trust each other and borrowers to meet directly, contract amount, term of the loan, interest, by oral agreement, or ious, for individuals, mainly among relatives and friends of temporary transfers of funds, amounts from hundreds of Yuan to tens of thousands of enterprises from tens of thousands of millions of Yuan, and some private mortgages and even hundreds of millions of Yuan.

private lending companies borrow flexible from time to time, days, months, borrowers and relationships for the better period can be as long as several years. Mutual lending without regard to profits or only slight interest. Civil purpose is mainly to solve the life of the loan, production need.

conditions of relatively low

private loans generally low threshold, is clearly more suitable for small enterprises.

the Fund use efficiency higher

period normally appears as a regular Bank loans, private loans can borrow, suitable for small enterprises using high frequency characteristics. Private loan companies issuing high-interest lending. The main loan financing are individual and private enterprises, based on the relationships and reputation, turnover of financing used in the production of capital.

funds are relatively rich self-employed and small business owners, in the case of no new money, in order to give idle money seeking new "way out" to a number of cash-strapped and desperate need for capital to businesses and individuals to provide high-interest loans. This credit transaction is characterized by high levels of borrowing, and interest rates is the main way private mortgages. According to the principal of the loan, the loan interest rates loan purpose, length of loan, borrowing depending on the extent of acute and sustained, most within the commercial bank interest rates four times in the same period, monthly interest rate from 8 per thousand to 30 per thousand.

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