Ningbo private lending company

Ningbo private lending company

1. simple procedures. Private financing like Bank loans need to provide business license, code certificate, financial statements, purchase and sale contracts, head of identity documents, verification reports a lot of material, without signed contracts, legalization programs, generally only inspect the certificate of house property and repayment ability and signed a contract.
2. funds as needed to borrow. According to the Bank's normal lending procedures, enterprises to get loans from banks to obtain a loan, takes approximately one month, even long-term clients, needs about 10 days at the earliest while private lending is typically only 3-5 days or even less time is needed to obtain the required funding.
3. funding conditions are relatively low. Small SME lending risk, needs, limits, management costs are high, in lending, banks generally requires providing SMEs with adequate collateral and private lending generally low threshold, is clearly more suitable for small enterprises.
4. more efficient use of funds. Period normally appears as a regular Bank loans, and borrowing can take that, suitable for small enterprises using high frequency characteristics.

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