Private short-term

Private short-term

1. civil
short-term conditions (1) real estate listing and trading transactions.
(2) have the legal status of the borrower.
(3) have the ability to repay the loan.
(4) purchase of housing with the housing ownership certificates, age less than 30 years.
2. Borrowers should provide civil short-term information
(1) securities (warrants and land).
(2) real estate, electricity, gas and water handling invoices.
(3) the borrower and spouse's identity card and household registration, the unit provides enterprise business license and organization code certificate or tax certificate
(4), the borrower's marriage certificate
3. Private lending amount: maximum housing loan appraised value of 85%.
4. Private lending period: February---3 years.
5. Private lending rate: market lending rates.
6. Private lending repayment method: after deducting interest on debt service due. BACK
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